Hello and welcome!

My name is Ljudmila. I`m an interior architect from Estonia and the founder of interior design bureau Stuudio88. Our studio creates residential and commercial projects in Estonia and in neighboring European countries. I`m currently studying for a Master's degree in interior architecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

I became fascinated by space creation very early, and over the past 8 years I have been consistently focused on creating various space solutions. Interior design is an exciting and responsible job that I do with heart and mind. Every new project, whether it's a scratch new or an older space with a soul, is like a new chapter or a story to unravel. Interior design is a narrative of people's manners and feelings and an interior designer is its organizer.

Please be sure to check out my portfolio, because it tells you the story of the families and places with which interior architecture has brought me together. The project`s photos present my design language, and the number of completed projects ensures that I create spaces for real people according to their needs.

Member of Estonian Association of Interior Architects