Interior design bureau Stuudio88 creates interior architecture projects and furniture design for both residential and commercial customers.

We are collaboration friendly and we hear you as a customer. Place creation is a process in which both the client and the interior architect have an important role to play. While creating the project, there is very close communication between the two parties, resulting in a functional and visually pleasing space. In our bureau, we use only the licensed Graphisoft software Archicad. We offer a full turnkey projects service from scratch to furnishing details.

1. „Turnkey project“ solution of our Studio:

  • Interior architecture or design concept
  • General plans
  • Technical plans
  • Wall and flooring finishing plans
  • Design of special interior constructions (fireplace, railings, stairs, interior openings etc)
  • Ceiling and lighting plans
  • Light switch plans
  • Electrical socket plans
  • Furniture plans
  • Interior fragments and elevations
  • Selection of finishing materials (wall and floor finishing, doors, mouldings, sanitary equipment etc)
  • Selection of lighting products
  • Selection of soft and ready made furniture
  • Custom-made furniture design (kitchen, wardrobes, vanity units, special furniture construction)
  • Selection of interior textiles (curtains, ohter textiles etc)
  • 3D modeling
  • Specification tables (interior openings, wall, ceiling and floor finishing materials, furniture, lighting, textiles) with a brief description with a possible place of purchase and installation requirements
  • Author supervision (control of project implementation for compliance with the interior architecture project)
  • Project management (requesting furniture quotes, confirming orders, communication with manufacturers and distributors, corrections in the product range due to delivery difficulties or other circumstances, coordinating the work of specialists, organizing the installation of furnishings).

The drawings of the example project can be viewed here.

1.  "Turnkey project" service cost without author supervision:

The project has an area over 100 m² - 35 €/m²;
Project with an area of up to 100 m² - 45 €/m².

For commercial and large-scale projects (with an area of 200 m² or more), we will prepare a price offer according to the scope of work after getting to know the project.

    2. Consultation service

The consultation takes place on site or in the salon.

Iti s about:

  • Room functionality, furniture arrangement
  • Selection of furniture, furnishings and lighting, interior materials and color scheme
  • Subjects by demand

Before the meeting, please send the existing general plans of the building and photos of the room.

First consultation service 1,5 h - 100€.

Returning consultation 1 h - 40€

    3. Small projects

A partial selection of services from turnkey solutions. When sending an inquiry, please attach the existing general plans and photos of the room.

Price 10- 30€/ m².